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The Challenge RGV 2021

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with It's Time Texas along with our sponsors to continue to carry out functions of The Challenge RGV in a virtual fashion.

Our priority is to continue to help you carry out your weight loss goals in a safe manner during the current COVID-19 pandemic.


What is It' Time Texas Community Challenge?

For eight weeks, Texans come together as individuals, employers, communities, and schools to engage in a free and friendly competition to better our health. Each point earned is a win for all of Texas.

You can register to participate by visiting

At registration, be sure to select "The Challenge-RGV" on the employer/organization subchallenge at registration. You will be prompted to download the ITT Community Challenge App! Once you download the app be sure to upload healthy selfies to earn points. This year The Challenge RGV will be based on a point system in which winners will be selected.

If you registered for ITT Community Challenge but forgot to select 'THE CHALLENGE-RGV' as your organization no worries changing it is super easy!

To add/change the organization to 'The Challenge-RGV' you just need to send a quick email to Feel free to copy to use the sentence below and replace it with your information.

 "Hello, I would like to be added to 'The Challenge-RGV' for the Employer/Organization Sub-Challenge, here is the email I registered with"


More information pertaining to The Challenge RGV 2021 is coming soon.

The Challenge RGV 2021
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