Reinvestment Zone 1


  • Meeting times to be determined
  • Location varies
  • Phone: 956-548-6150


  • Each member shall be appointed by the City Commission with the exception of the Taxing Unit appointments.
  • 7 directors:
    • 5 members appointed by the City Commission
    • 2 members appointed by the Other Taxing Unit


The Reinvestment Zone 1 was created by Ordinance #2004-1421 on October 19, 2004, as per Chapter 311 of the Texas Tax Code. The purpose of the committee shall be to make recommendations to the City Commission concerning the administration of the Zone. The Board of Directors shall prepare of cause to be prepared and adopt a project plan and a reinvestment zone financing plan for the Zone as described in Section 311.011 of the Texas Tax Code, and shall submit such plans to the City Commission.