Retail and Redevelopment 

The City of Brownsville recognizes retail as a key component to a community’s economic and social health and as such is committed to redeveloping areas within the community that are vacant and underutilized or underserved in terms of retail and services.Through the Retail and Redevelopment division the City will be able to assist in the strategic development of retail options by collaborating with developers to create “destination” retail prospects that accommodate distinct opportunities that attract local and regional visitors.

The focus of the division is to:
  • Build relationships with property/ business owners and provide data to local and national retailers, brokers and developers. 
  • Assist with expansion, second location or relocation of retailers within City limits Identify available sites and retail development spaces. 
  • Facilitate regulatory processes for developers.
  • Assist in identifying possible funding sources.
  • Identify and supply leakages in trade areas.
  • Assist in the recruitment of targeted retailers and retail developers to the City of Brownsville. 
  • Undertake the marketing and lease management of City assets.