Multimodal Transportation Department


We aspire to connect communities by providing safe, innovative, reliable, and convenient multimodal transportation to advance the quality of life for all people.


Connecting People to Opportunities through Safe, Reliable, Convenient, and Innovative Multimodal Transportation.


As the multimodal transportation department, we provide fixed route bus services throughout the City of Brownsville, initiating from the downtown bus terminal with a bus transfer station on Ruben M. Torres. 

The transfer station provides passengers the ability to connect with other routes or they can transition to another mode of transportation like cycling, running or walking since our  station is conveniently located next to the Brownsville Historic Battlefield Trail.

We also provide Paratransit services to individuals with disabilities who are not able to ride our fixed route public transportation. To be eligible to use the curb to curb Paratransit Service, individuals must apply for a determination of eligibility.


  • Transit Division
  • Mobility Division


J. Joel Garza, Jr., CPM || Director of Multimodal Transportation Department
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6680

Gennie Garcia || Assistant Director of Multimodal Transportation Department
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6660

Juan Miguel Gonzalez || Chief Safety Officer
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6661

Georgina Gonzalez || Accounting Manager
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6672

Tracie Orcillez || Transit Manager
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6663

Cynthia Castillo || Facilities & Fleet Contract Manager
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6666

Mark Lund || Transportation Planner
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6154

Frank Gudino || Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6690

Antonio Zubieta || Transit & Mobility Planner
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6696

Victoria Leal || Grants & Public Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6666

Simon Ortiz || Transit Supervisor
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6073

Vacant  || Administrative Supervisor
Phone: 956-541-4881

Ester Balli || Administrative Specialist
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6669

Octavio Salazar || Administrative Specialist
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6670

Nancy Garcia || Parking & Operations Technician
Phone: 956-541-4881
Ext. 6687