Facade Improvement Pilot Programs

Main Street Brownsville launched two preservation-based pilot programs aimed to spur redevelopment, set a precedent for quality rehabilitation that respects and preserves downtown’s historic fabric, and improves the curb appeal of downtown. As a result of these pilot programs, BCIC approached the Downtown District Manager and Historic Preservation Officer to collaborate and develop the Downtown Business Improvement and Growth (BIG) Program. BIG continues to offer downtown property owners with reimbursable grants for façade and interior capital improvements, and rental subsidies and sign grants for business owners.

Click here for more information about the BIG Program.

Pilot Programs

Intensive Block Façade Improvement Program (FIP)

The first pilot program launched in the fall of 2016 and was funded through a $125,000 CDBG grant.  The program provided reimbursement grants of up to 50% for façade improvements to property and business owners seeking to rehabilitate commercial buildings located around Market Square.  The two projects completed – the Olvera-Fernandez Building and Jose Fernandez & HMO Building – served as the catalyst for private investment in the rehabilitation of historic buildings around Market Square.   

Downtown Beautification Program 

The Downtown Beautification Program launched in the summer of 2017 and was funded through a $30,000 BCIC grant.   The program offered property and business owners located around Market Square a $5,000 grant for minor façade improvements to improve the curb appeal.  Six property owners were selected to participate in the program however, it was challenging to recruit program participants because the grant amount proved to be too small for the amount of work that downtown buildings require.  Some of the program participants are now participating in the BIG Program to continue the rehabilitation of their buildings. 

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