Aquatic Wellness

Update:  Public Swim Season at Sams Pool (501 E. Ringgold St) begins May 30, 2022.

City of Brownsville Aquatics Program staff encourage residents to build a life-long passion for swimming while enjoying the water. Sams Pool currently offers general swim, lap swim, swim lessons and swim league. The department is dedicated to providing high-quality instruction in a fun and friendly environment.


Water Aerobics at Sams Pool

DAYS OF THE WEEK:        Monday -Friday

TIME:   6  – 7 a.m.   

General Admission Prices:   $2 per person (13+)   $1 child (12 & under)   $1 Senior(55+)

Class size:  MIN – 20     MAX – 40

AGE RANGE:   18 - 99

LOCATION:  501 E. Ringgold Street  Brownsville, Texas  78520

For more information, contact Aquatics & Compliance Coordinator Samuel Perez at (956) 275-1114.


Lap Swimming at Sams Pool 

DAYS OF THE WEEK:     Monday - Friday

TIME: 6:30 – 7:30 a.m. 
(Space is limited)

  18 - 99

LOCATION:  501 E. Ringgold Street  Brownsville, Texas  78520

Sams Pool phone:  (956) 542-0949

The benefits of Lap Swimming:

  • Aerobic exercise that works 2 major muscle groups (arms and legs) simultaneously, minus the strain on the body.
  • Less strain on muscles, joints and the skeletal system.
  • Other aerobic activities like running, aerobic dancing and brisk walking impact the body more, and may be associated with greater likelihood of injury.
  • People recovering from injuries, or who feel particularly prone to injuries, especially to knee or foot problems, may be far better off swimming.

Benefits of Water Aerobics

There are many benefits of working out in swimming pools. Not only is it easier to stay cooler in a pool, but the workout itself has massive perks. Here are some additional benefits:

Weight Loss

The average thirty minute pool workout burns approximately 300 calories. It takes the elimination of 3500 calories to burn off a pound of body fat. A minimum three to four times per week pool workout is recommended, so a mere three to four weeks will result in measurable weight loss. Use the swimming calorie calculator to see how many calories you can burn with each swimming workout.

Cardiovascular Endurance

Pool workouts are a great way to build up cardio endurance. When in cooler water, the blood moves through the body at a faster rate to warm it up. When coupled with an aerobic program the result is an improved cardiovascular performance over time.

Low-Impact Exercise

When strength training, the muscles require rest time in order to repair themselves. If lifting weights, on off days those that exercise are urged to use other muscles or simply take the day off. Due to the buoyancy of the water, and the lack of impact that joints and muscles receive, many exercisers are encouraged to perform pool workouts on off days. Pool workouts are the alternative to losing out on a day’s worth of exercise time, as they allow for active recovery. Not only can fat burning continue, but the active training can help build muscle quicker while continued conditioning occurs.

Unlike many exercises, the pool provides a “soft” environment for workouts. Not only do you not have to worry about falling, as the water supports the body in every position, but the water also helps alleviate the feelings of fatigue because it’s supporting so much of the body’s weight. In addition, flexibility results due to the wider range of motion the body can achieve due to the absence of gravity acting on the joints.

Stress Relief

Like any regular exercise, pool workouts are great stress relievers. The exercise stimulates the brain to release chemicals that make the body feel good. When performing pool exercises in warmer water temperatures, the movement of water against and over the body results in both massage and relaxation. This calming effect can decrease, or eliminate the pain resulting from a workout.

Please Note

Always consult with your physician before beginning ANY new exercise program.

Proper swimming attire must be worn in the pool. Cut-off shorts, cotton attire, and street clothing are not allowed. White t-shirts in pool only. Colored shirts of any kind will not be permitted unless authorized by the pool supervisor. All swimmers are required to shower before entering the water.  Do not bring valuables to the pool. The City of Brownsville is not responsible for loss, theft or damages to personal belongings. There will be no refunds for bad weather.