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Adaptive Recreation Needs Assessment

  1. Adaptive Recreation Needs Assessment
    Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department is known for its welcoming atmosphere, family-friendly events and beautiful parks. Our department strives to ensure that all members of the community enjoy our facilities and activities. Currently, we are reaching out for input related to activities for individuals with disabilities. Your input is valuable and will be considered as we expand our program
  2. I am completing this survey on behalf of: (select all that apply)*
  3. Have you or someone in your household, participated in a City of Brownsville Parks & Recreation program/activity/event in the past? *
  4. At what facility? (select all that apply)*
  5. On average, how often do you participate in physical activity or exercise 30 minutes or more? *
  6. Do you need someone to assist you in physical activities?*
  7. Do you currently have assistance?*
  8. Please select potential barriers to participating in adaptive programming: (select all that apply)*
  9. What do you want your adaptive experience to include? (select all that apply) *
  10. I would like the program to be given by: (select all that apply) *
  11. Please select the health outcomes of interest to you: (select all that apply). *
  12. What are the best times for you to participate in recreational classes or programs? (select all that apply)*
  13. Select programs you would like to see offered for adaptive programming…(select all that apply)*
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