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Brownsville Golf Center Customer Feedback

  1. Thank you for taking part of the Brownsville Golf Center Piloting Hours Survey. We understand that current hours that we have at the moment, 7a-4p, may not be feasible for everyone. So will be piloting new hours for the next two weeks, July 6-19 M-F 7a-12p and 4p-8p (closed 12p-4p) Sat-Sun 7a-8p. By doing this survey it will help us determine if the Piloting hours are feasible Thank You for your participation.
  2. Do you have a Brownsville Golf Center Membership?*
  3. How often do you golf at the Brownsville Golf Center?*
  4. When do you golf the most?*
  5. Does being able to play golf contribute to your quality of life?*
  6. Do you have a disability that you would like a modification in order to play golf?*
  7. Did you want to golf during our closed time (12pm-4pm) during our piloted modified hours of operation?*
  8. How would you feel if we closed mid-day so that we could be open longer in the evenings?*
  9. Did we communicate our hours of operation to you in an effective manner?*
  10. Which methods of communication would you like from us?*
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