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Junior Rangers Outdoor Adventure Program

  1. Junior Rangers Outdoor Adventure Program Survey
    In an effort to continuously improve our Summer Camp Program, we ask you to please fill out this short evaluation.
  2. How did you find out about our Summer Program?
  3. Was this the first year your summer attended the program?*
  4. How many sessions did your child attend this year?*
  5. The registration process was easy.*
  6. As a parent, I received adequate information about the program before it started.*
  7. I am satisfied with my purchase. The cost per session is well worth the value. *
  8. The program facilities were:*
  9. I felt my child was safe during the program.*
  10. Theme activities were enriching.*
  11. Summer Recreation Programs improve quality of life.*
  12. My child learned new skills.*
  13. Was your child satisfied with the meals?*
  14. I found the staff at program to be polite, professional and helpful.*
  15. Overall, I would rate the program as*
  16. Do you have a disability or special need that needs an accommodation in order to participate?
  17. If yes, did you know that you can request a reasonable modification for participation via our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist?
  18. Will your child be returning next summer?*
  19. Would you recommend this program?*
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